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Workshop are interactive, hands on and a lot of fun.  Attendees will take home the beautiful products they create in the class.  All materials and equipment will be provided.  Each workshop is approximately 2 hours long.  Minimum age to attend workshops is 10 years old. 
 Go to REGISTRATION to schedule the workshops.
WS 1
Cold Process Soap with Honey

You will never want to buy soap from the store again once you learn how fun and easy it is to make your own.  This is a hands-on workshop where attendees will go through the process of making vegetarian based soaps with the wonderful addition of honey. 


All supplies will be provided to make a 1 pound batch of soap (5-6 bars!) to take home.  Leave the shorts and flip flops at home for this one.  Closed toe shoes are needed for the soap workshop.   

Beeswax Candles

Make and take home 4 beautiful beeswax candles – 2 hand rolled tapers and 2 hot dipped tapers.  Did you know that beeswax does not drip or smoke when burned and is thought to release positive ions into the air!  They smell wonderful too.  Beat that Yankee Candle!  

Beeswax Lip Balms 
WS 2

Making Beeswax Lotion Bars

Why use petroleum on your skin when there are healthier and more luxurious alternatives?  Beeswax lip balms are easy to make and will soon become your lip balm of choice to keep your lips soft and hydrated. 

This workshop will teach how to make lip balms using all natural products. 


All supplies are provided for attendees to make and take home 4 lip balms that they create. 

If you have never used a lotion bar, you are in for a treat.  These luxurious combinations of beeswax, vegetarian oils and essential oils will help soothe dry skin and moisturize your soul! 


Come learn how these beautiful bars are made in this hands on workshop and take home two of your very own creations. 


WS 3

Honey Extraction Demonstration

Now it’s time reap the rewards of your hard work and all the contributions from thousands of bees.  Watch the process of removing wax cappings from frames of honey, extracting it and filtering it for bottling.  Learn the basic equipment needed and tools that are recommended to make your honey collection short and sweet. 

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