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Honey and Beeswax Classes

There are so many other dimensions that come with beekeeping.  One of the sweet bonuses of raising honey bees are the contributions in the form of honey, wax and other gifts.  A beekeeper can often offset their costs if they handle these wonderful gifts with care and learn ways to sell their products.  
The Honey Class covers All About Honey, Bottling and Labeling Honey and Handling Honey Supers.  After you extract all that wonderful honey you will have a bounty of beeswax left over.  Come to the Mind Your Beeswax class to learn All About Wax, Wax Processing and Common Uses for Beeswax.  Go to REGISTRATION to schedule classes.



The Sweetest Class in Town- Honey!

2 hour class

All About Honey
Bottling and Labeling Honey

Coveted since the beginning of mankind, honey has been harvested by ancient civilizations throughout history and into modern times.  Its uses have ranged from medicinal to culinary.  Find out the components of honey, how the bees create this magical elixir and the many benefits it contributes to both man and insect.  Includes honey tastings.  Yum!  You will learn that honey is truly nature’s secret ingredient to a sweet life! 

Learn to bottle like a pro.  The State of Florida has instituted rules for what should go on your label of honey that is sold to the public.  Thinking of selling your honey at a market?  Learn the proper way to label it and the recommendations for safe bottling practices. 


FS 2

  You remember the Gambler song by country music icon Kenny Rogers, “You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold’ em…”  This is similar to handling honey supers.  You’ve got to know when to add them and know when to remove them.  Honey supers are the top boxes where the bees store their honey.  They are placed on hives when nectar flows are expected and removed once the bees fill them with that liquid gold.  This discussion will go through the different types of supers, when they are added, approaches to removing them when it’s time to harvest your very own honey and storage.

Handling Honey Supers

FS 3

Mind Your Beeswax Class

2 hour class

All About Wax

Learn how the bees magically create wax and use it in their hives to build their homes and store food.  Wax has many uses from medicinal to functional.  The composition of wax as well as some of the hazards that it brings to the hive will be reviewed.


Wax Processing

In the process of extracting honey from the hive, you are provided with another gift from the bees in the form of beeswax.  Once cleaned and rendered, you will have beautiful golden wax bars of pure beeswax that can be used in a variety of applications from candles to cosmetics to re-waxing plastic foundation that is re-used in hive.   Learn the best methods for cleaning and processing your wax so it is ready to use.  

Uses for Bees Wax

Wax has been used for thousands of years and in so many different ways from religious services to  wood polishes to cosmetics.  Uses and recipes will be shared so you can find ways to incorporate this versatile substance into your own uses.


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